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Building the future of the service industry


Customer first

Torio works closely with contacts that have experience in various fields.


Affordable solutions

Many of our solutions are aimed at saving money, increase traffic and solve problems using technology.


High availability

Support for the Torio products are available during all weekdays and weekends from 9:00 - 00:00.


User experience

Our team is constantly monitoring our products to strive for the best user experience possible.

Torio Self Service dispenser

The Torio Tap self service machine can let you serve your customers both non alcoholic drinks and alcoholic drinks without needing more staff. The machine is optimized to handle beer and cocktails as well without producing increased foam when used correctly.

  • Age verification

    Our machines have various ways of proving age. We are continuously upgrading the age verification methods.
  • Your own look

    Most of our machines have a similar look, however, we can take any customized request and create your own machine, however you like it!
  • Smarter

    Our machines have a lot of different features.
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Torio Self Service V2

A more lightweight self service dispenser with improved cooling options and never before seen functionality. Your customers will love it!

  • More cooling options

    We've added more integration options, improved the overall design, improved the cooling options and more.
  • Compact

    Even more compact and moveable. You need less parts and it's easier to configure.
  • Research and development

    The newest research from Torio laboratory has been implemented into this version.
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TeyaPayment integration
RapydPayment integration


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Find a place for your night out

Use the sophisticated filter system in Barhopp to find the perfect place for you.


Happy hours

Find the best happy hour deals in your area.



Find fun events in your area.

Can Torio help your business?

Torio can help clients build sophisticated websites, apps and IoT functionality.

Torio employees receive security training, have a clean criminal record and provide exceptional service in various fields.
All data is encrypted in tansit and relevant data is encrypted on our servers. Data is only hosted and stored in secure data centers secured by professionals from companies such as Microsoft and Amazon.
We work with designers, engineers, IoT specialists, security specialists and developers to produce the most opitimal solution at all times.
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