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Building the future of self-service drink technology

Torio has some of the most innovative, cost efficient and lightweight self-service drink solutions in the world.



Cheaper than other similar solutions.



More lightweight than other similar solutions. Don't be stuck with solutions you might not need.


More profits

Increase profits and drink sales by 40% or more.


Less costs

Reduce staff costs and limit revenue loss caused by overpouring.

Self Service Dispenser V3

A lightweight self-service drink dispensers for non alcoholic drinks and alcoholic. Sell more drinks without needing more staff.

  • Age verification

    Our machines have various ways of proving age. We are continuously upgrading the age verification methods.
  • Your own look

    Most of our machines have a similar look, however, we can take any customized request and create your own machine, however you like it!
  • Smarter

    Our machines have a lot of different features.
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Self Service Table

Our tables are designed to easily accommodate our self-service drink equipment, such as beverage dispensers or coolers.

  • Resilient

    Our tables can hold heavy loads of liquid and cooling equipement.
  • Equipped

    The table is specially designed to work for self-service related things. It's equipped with sensors, liquid system and more.
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Self Service Wall

Discover our elegant self-service beer/drink wall, customizable to your preferences. This solution offers a more permanent alternative compared to our other offerings.

  • Elegant

    Our walls are crafted with elegance in mind, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into various settings.
  • Customizable

    We accommodate diverse requests regarding design aesthetics and material choices to meet your unique needs.
Product image

Self Service Dispenser V4

A more lightweight self service dispenser with improved cooling options and never before seen functionality. Your customers will love it!

  • More cooling options

    We've added more integration options, improved the overall design, improved the cooling options and more.
  • Compact

    Even more compact and moveable. You need less parts and it's easier to configure.
  • Research

    The newest research from Torio laboratory has been implemented into this version.
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TeyaPayment integration
RapydPayment integration

Get real-time details for your self-service equipment

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It's Simple To Use!

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Select drink

Select the drink you like and the amount.

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Pay for the drink in the way you like to.

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Pour the drink in your glass.


Your place is added to Barhopp as well

Barhopp app

Find a place for your night out

Use the sophisticated filter system in Barhopp to find the perfect place for you.


Happy hours

Find the best happy hour deals in your area.



Find fun events in your area.

Can Torio help your business?

Torio can help show events, happy hours and connect self-service dispensers with other technology.

All data is encrypted in tansit and relevant data is encrypted on our servers. Data is only hosted and stored in secure data centers secured by professionals from companies such as Microsoft and Amazon.
We have personnel on standby to help with our equipment.
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